Softsteel WML Tutorial - Contents

This tutorial takes you through the basics of WAP, and provides all the information you need to create your own WAP pages using the Wireless Markup Language (WML). The WMLScript tutorial that we promised has unfortunately had to be postponed, however. We shall return to it when we have time.

* we have now added links to current books covering WML and WMLScript


  • Lesson 1: Introduction to WAP

  • Lesson 2: Introduction to WML

  • Lesson 3: Cards and decks - creating individual pages and groups of pages

  • Lesson 4: Adding text and other content to WML pages

  • Lesson 5: Changing the look of text with text formatting elements

  • Lesson 6: Creating hyperlinks to other pages

  • Lesson 7: Content formating using tables

  • Lesson 8: Responding to browser events and user actions

  • Lesson 9: Further navigational commands in WML

  • Lesson 10: Using WML variables

  • Lesson 11: Passing values from pages using POST and GET

  • Lesson 12: Using templates to provide content for groups of pages

  • Lesson 13: Adding images to a page, and changing the display with a timer

  • Lesson 14: A worked example of changing images (illustrating the atypical behaviour of WML variables)

  • Lesson 15: Simple text inputs

  • Lesson 16: Further user input - selections and optiongroups

  • Appendix 1: Special characters - how to show restricted characters on screen

  • Index

  • WML Books

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