What is Flash Content?

Macromedia Flash provides rich and interactive multimedia content for web pages. Its particular strength is cartoon-style animations. Flash content is saved in a format which takes up very small amounts of file space, making it quick to load up.

What browsers can see Flash content?

Browsers show Flash content using dedicated players which are either built in or added as 'plug-ins'. There are different, backwardly-compatible versions of Flash. The latest version - released in 2000 - is Flash 5.

The latest browsers - Netscape 4.7, Internet Explorer 5.5 - come withFlash players installed. Macromedia estimates (as of March 2000) that ~90% of all browsers can show some Flash content, with ~70% supporting Flash 4. Note, though, that those who cannot see Flash content may not be in a position to install the plug-in (if, eg, they are behind a corporate firewall).

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