What training do we provide?

With backgrounds in both IT and education, the Softsteel team is well qualified to offer IT training to those who want a helping hand with the new technology.

  • General IT Training. This can be tailored to the individual, but may include using Windows; MS Office products (Word, Excel, Access, etc.); anti-virus software, etc.
  • General Internet Training. This covers topics like getting online with an ISP; using search engines; customising your browser; using newsgroups; using FTP; web security.
  • Internet Programming Training. Basic to intermediate level training in Internet programming technologies. See here for basic information about some of the Internet technologies we use.
  • Netiquette. The art of good email practice. Topics include: how to avoid email rage; email and the law; writing styles and good housekeeping.
  • Health & Safety. By popular demand we are developing material on Health & Safety with respect to computer operation. Topics will include: legal requirements, workstation set-up and positioning, and good habits.\

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