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Keeping up with the rapidly changing world of IT can be difficult, even for the professional. Because of this Softsteel Solutions produces a short monthly newsletter, rounding up the latest IT news (nb: since we are based in the UK this is rather UK-centric). The most recent newsletters are available from this site, and are e-mailed to those who sign up on the list.

The newsletter divides the news into six categories:

  • Real World - news from society at large relating to IT.
  • Wired World - developments in Internet provision across telephone exchanges, standard networks, etc.
  • Wireless World - developments in Internet provision across wireless networks.
  • Web-wide World - breaking news about Internet sites.
  • Hard World - technological advances in hardware.
  • Soft World - developments in software.

We do our best to make the articles in this newsletter generally accessible and relevant to our clients. Occasionally we focus on one of the areas to give some more background material.

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