Our work

Our work is built upon our expertise in Internet technologies. The bulk of this work lies in providing programming solutions for web applications, but we also provide training and consultation. Because we deal with numerous web design companies and freelance web designers, we are also ideally placed to lead the building of your website.

  • We build Internet applications, and write the code for dynamic websites.
  • We build websites, both individually and as part of teams.
  • We provide consultation and research in relation to the Internet.
  • We train users in anything from basic IT to advanced programming.


The webserver-side languages we use mainly are ASP, ASP.NET and PHP. We also have experience in using server-side Java and Perl.

On the client-side we usually code in (X)HTML, XML, and Javascript. We can also produce Java applets, Flash-based applications and ActiveX objects. We can also produce WML content (except that this now seems obsolete). Where professional design work is required we outsource to one of our partners.

Often a web-based application will require database connectivity. For small-scale projects we use MySql or Access. For larger-scale projects which require an enterprise database we have most experience with SQL Server.

For desktop projects we generally use the Visual Studio and Visual Studio.NET languages, having particular expertise with C#. Our main alternative to these is Java.

We are prepared to provide personal or group training on any of the applications and technologies that we use. We have in the past run successful courses on Dreamweaver and Paintshop Pro.

Examples of Work

Most of our work cannot easily be demonstrated, since it lies behind intranets, or runs in the background behind websites. If you would like references from satisfied customers, then we would be happy to provide them. Here, though, are links to some websites which we have either put together ourselves or made particular contributions to.

DirectVisual website The design for the Direct Visual website was produced by design company Clayton Carrington. The functional requirements of the website were twofold. Firstly, it had to be supported by a management tool allowing the updating of portions of the site. Secondly, it had to integrate with a backend contacts management database.
BAHA website Softsteel does the day-to-day maintainance of the British Association of Hospitality Accountants website, and has a remit to explore and suggest new functionality. Pursuing this remit, we have just added a password-protected members' area, holding restricted content and a discussion list.
SCH website We have done a lot of work with the Sheffield Childrens Hospital, putting in place web applications to support the gathering of nursing statistics, content management, and most recently an application to support the creation and presentation of Trust-wide policies. As the above shows, we have also helped them set up a website.
LHJS website The LondonHotelJobShop website is aimed at attracting hotel staff from abroad. The layout, colour-scheme and navigation system, and in particular the fonts - were all specified very precisely by the client. Behind the scenes there is an extensive management tool, written in Perl, allowing the site owner to change the details of each job, to add new jobs, etc.

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